Wage Inflation benefits the PRODUCTIVE

Episode 327:  Wage inflation is good for those that are productive.  That’s because inflation is price beneficial to all appreciating assets, which includes productive employees and companies. 

If you’re a quality high performing employee, then you should be using the pressures of wage inflation to secure a pay raise.  But you probably won’t get it unless you ASK for it.  So make sure your achievements are being recognized and then aggressively ask for the pay increase that you rightly deserve.

For more information about getting RECOGNIZED as an employee or small business, please listen to my recent interview with Nicole at the Living Free in Tennessee Podcast: https://www.livingfreeintennessee.com/2021/05/12/get-recognized-with-john-pugliano/


FED won’t stop 2021 Stock Market RALLY

Episode 326:  The subtitle to this episode could be: Why lumber prices are so high but timber prices are so low.

Bottom line, the media narrative of hyperinflation is much ado about nothing. 

Over the short term, I don’t see the FED raising interest rates nor curtailing easy monetary policy.  Transitory inflation is being caused by short term shortages, not long lasting scarcity.

The “experts” were wrong in 2018 when they said the “inverted yield curve” would cause a recession, and they’re wrong now about hyperinflation.  

For a historical perspective, listen to this episode from October 2018:  https://www.wealthsteading.com/276


Shortages & Inflation…great investing opportunities

Episode 325: A lot of the financial news coverage is negative focusing on shortages and price & wage inflation.  But technically I think the major indexes are performing well and a great deal of opportunity still exists in the ReOpening Stocks. 


Why you keep missing opportunities in the stock market

Episode 324:  In this episode we’ll look at current market conditions in light of investor psychology and especially drill down into the reasons why YOU keeping missing opportunities in the stock market.


Tech Unwind is continuing to create opportunity in the ReOpening stocks

Episode 323:   As we see the Markets sell off from the COVID19 Tech Unwind and rotation out of Stay-at-Home stocks, I’m buying the dip, and remain extremely optimistic about the ReOpening Trade.