My Grandfather: a legacy of resilience, perseverance & faith

Episode 315:  In this episode I celebrate the 6th anniversary of the Wealthsteading Podcast with a special story about my grandfather’s remarkable life.  He was an amazing man that faced insurmountable obstacles but he never faltered.  As an immigrant, in poverty, fighting through WWI trench warfare, surviving as a prisoner of war, enduring the Great Depression…he overcame every obstacle that was placed before him.  His life is a legacy of hard work, resilience, perseverance, and faith.


Reasons for prudent investing during this VOLATILE transition

Episode 314:  The Market has been incredibly resilient over the past month but I believe it could easily stumble into a rapid decline if investor sentiment turns sour.  In this episode I discuss the rationale for prudent investing and give specific examples of why I recently purchasing Tyson Foods and also lessons learned from swing trading the Great Recession of 2008.


RIOTs & 100k+ COVID Deaths…drive the market higher

Episode 313:  The COVID death toll is over 100K, unemployment is nearing 20%, and protesters are rioting and burning the cities…yet the stock market keeps going up.

Will this rebound rally continue?  Or are we headed for a major downturn this summer?  I’m concerned that just as the market was oversold with COVID hysteria, now there’s irrational exuberance about the re-opening of the economy.


5 Dumbest Listener Questions

Episode 312:  TRIGGER WARNING:  This episode may offend some listeners…especially those of you that ask DUMB questions.  Bottom line…this episode focuses on the fundamentals of building wealth: Earn/Save/Invest.


CRISIS Portfolio Re-balancing Strategy

Episode 311:  In this episode I discuss how I’m planning to re-balance my portfolio to take advantage of what I believe will be an inevitable recovery.