I still like Oil Stocks

Episode 333:  I think Oil stocks have farther to run as the threat of COVID Variants subsides.  In this episode I mention my Oil positions.


Wells Fargo ending Personal Line of Credit Loans…SO WHAT???

Episode 332:  Don’t fall for the hysteria that Wells Fargo’s recent action to end personal lines of credit loans is the “tip of the iceberg” and that the US banking system is about to collapse.   It’s all nonsense designed to fool the gullible.


How to deal with Envious Karens

Episode 331:  Throughout your life, you’re going to deal with people that try to stop or inhibit your progression.  Whether it’s advancement in your career, your wealth journey, or simply in your efforts to improve yourself.  I call these people “Envious Karens”; those type people that just can’t mind their own business.

In this episode I give you a recent real life example of someone successfully overcoming KAREN imposed roadblocks.  His name is Matthew Sercely, he’s a tax advisor and you can find him at:



DIVERSIFICATION: COVID90 Portfolio isn’t COVID10 for a reason

Episode 330:  I believe the best way to build & preserve your wealth is through Diversification and Active Portfolio Management.


Covid Variant Boogeyman: buy the dip opportunity

Episode 329:  The latest Media driven fear factor is that variants of Covid will squelch the economic recovery.  I think the anxiety will be short lived, just like last month’s propaganda about hyperinflation.

NOTE to the Inflation Distraught:  10 Year Treasuries have dropped down to 1.3%, hardly an indicator of rampant inflation.