Recession Fears?  S&P 500 surges to near record HIGH

Episode 299:  Over the past eight trading sessions the S&P 500 has surged to within 1% of a record high.  There are several explanations for the rally, with the primary reason being gestures coming out of China.  Will this uptrend hold or is it just a dead cat bounce?  All this and more in this episode.


Conformity equals personal Mediocrity but builds stable corporate structures

Episode 298:  In this episode I’ll discuss the paradox of conformity.  On a personal level, conformity leads to mediocrity.  But from an investor perspective, conformance to a corporate structure often produces stable and reliable long term profits.


SUCCESS: follow your passion vs developing a passion

Episode 297:  The debate rages on about whether it’s a good idea to follow your passion- I suggest changing the paradigm.  Rather than following your passion, I suggest you work on DEVELOPING a passion.  There’s a big difference and in this episode I discuss the possibilities.


Understanding the financial news cycle

Episode 296:  The market vacillates on a short term basic because of fickle investor sentiment, not fundamental valuations.  Sentiment is driven by the financial news cycle.  If you can understand the nature of the news cycle, you’ll be better able to identify true long term market direction.


Extremely volatile two weeks with switchbacks almost every other day!

Episode 295:  Today the S&P500 dropped 3% on fears of an inverted yield curve.  It’s been an extremely volatile two weeks, with switchbacks almost every other day.  In this episode I’ll review the key events driving the turbulence and explain the entry point that I’m looking for to buy this dip.