Global Economic Choke Points 220506

Episode 372:  There’s a global economic crisis but it might be a windfall for the USA.

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RECESSION? Road Trip Economic Indicator 220505

Episode 371:  Consumers haven’t run out of money yet.

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NETFLIX crash reveals myth of first mover advantage

Episode 370:  NETFLIX’s crash shows that: 1) stay-at-home stocks still have further to drop & 2) first-mover advantage doesn’t justify extreme valuations.


Products recession…Services BOOM !

Episode 369:  Is there a pending recession?  Yes, probably in the “products” side of the economy, but the “services” side of the economy has yet to fully bloom.  Think in-person experiences, travel, leisure…regardless of interest rates, that sector is BOOMING!


Five cheap old stodgy stocks

Episode 368:  Value is a better word than cheap, but it isn’t as good of an attention getter.   Here are five large cap stocks that I own and I believe they are valuable because they have a favorable price to future growth ratio:  GE, GS, IBM, MU & SCHW.