Dividend Paying Stocks produce during a Bear Market

Episode 309:  Dividend paying stocks keep producing an income, even when the stock market is down.


COVID-19 spreads globally…Panic or Profit?

Episode 308:  The Wuhan coronavirus COVID-19 is spreading outside of China.  I’m not sure why that’s a surprise to anyone.  But before you panic, let’s put things in perspective.  COVID-19 is a virus, not Stage IV cancer.  I viewed today’s volatility as a buying opportunity.  Listen to find out why.


Coronavirus drives S&P 500 to record highs & Tech stocks

Episode 307:  Wuhan coronavirus is still in the news but the S&P 500 is setting record highs.  WHY?  There are a number of reasons this market is so resilient- short covering, Chinese monetary policy, and most importantly the growth and profitability of the Tech sector.


Top stock holdings by age group

Episode 306:  Forget about the Wuhan coronavirus, focus on things that build your wealth.  In this episode I’ll discuss top stock holdings and SAVINGS rates of successful financially independent people.


Listener Questions…lots & lots of them!

Episode 305:  In this episode we’ll start off the new year with a slew of listener questions covering everything from Automation to XOM.