DiD yOu MisS tHE pOSt-eleCtIOn StOcK mARkeT RaLlY?

Episode 322:   Did you miss the post-election stock market rally?  Well, the easy money has already been made, but there are still MANY opportunities.  In this episode I discuss potential that still exist in the COVID90 portfolio.


My portfolio for a post-COVID stock market recovery

Episode 321:   COVID 2nd Wave & Election volatility are hitting the markets again.  So is this a time to panic or buy? 

I can’t tell you what to do, but in this episode I explain what I’m calling my COVID90 portfolio.  These are the 90 individual stocks that I’ve purchased for the inevitable post-COVID recovery.


Market rally failed again…is it going lower?

Episode 320:   The rotation rally looks like it has fizzled.  The S&P 500 keeps failing at its 50dma.  That’s a good indication that the market is headed lower.


Is the Stock Market in a CORRECTION or ROTATION?

Episode 319:   The stock market has fallen for three straight weeks.  There are mixed signals that this selloff could simply be a Rotation out of overbought Tech stocks and into Value and Cyclicals.

 On the other hand, with over 41% of the S&P 500 already in a Bear market, maybe the Correction has just begun.


Listener Questions- Oil, Penny Stocks, Reverse Splits, Protective Puts & more…

Episode 318:  Listener Questions:

  • Is it time to buy oil stocks?
  • Why don’t you talk about penny stocks?
  • What happens when a stock is delisted?
  • What is a reverse stock split?
  • Should I contribute to an IRA or a ROTH?
  • What is a good investment book to read?
  • When should you sell a stock?
  • What is a Protective Put?
  • Cash vs Cash Equivalent Fund vs Short Term Bond Fund
  • Terminology