Apology and Seasonal Message

Episode 347:  A portion of this episode is an audio replay from a video recorded on 3/21/2020:


Black Friday SELLOFF…FED will never raise interest rates

Episode 346:  I’m not at all concerned about the stock market selloff that happened on Black Friday.  In fact, the rally will likely continue even longer, because now the FED will be more hesitant to raise interest rates. 

In this episode I discuss the two primary drivers of COVID inflation…and neither have anything to do with FED monetary policy.  This temporary, transient inflation is being caused by:

  1. lack of Immigration
  2. Inheritance…the greatest generational transfer of wealth in history.


Peloton vs SelectQuote…buy the dip?

Episode 345:  Both Peloton and SelectQuote are down by nearly 70%.  Is this a good entry point to buy the dip or should you avoid trying to catch a falling knife?


GDP down…Stocks up

Episode 344:  Stocks are at record highs at the same time that 3rd Qtr GDP was way below estimates.  Join me today as I discuss free market economics along with a stock market review.


$2 Million Retirement Portfolio

Episode 343:  Retirement is like taking a vacation, you should pack half the clothes and twice the money you’ll think you’ll need.