My portfolio for a post-COVID stock market recovery

Episode 321:   COVID 2nd Wave & Election volatility are hitting the markets again.  So is this a time to panic or buy? 

I can’t tell you what to do, but in this episode I explain what I’m calling my COVID90 portfolio.  These are the 90 individual stocks that I’ve purchased for the inevitable post-COVID recovery.


Market rally failed again…is it going lower?

Episode 320:   The rotation rally looks like it has fizzled.  The S&P 500 keeps failing at its 50dma.  That’s a good indication that the market is headed lower.


Is the Stock Market in a CORRECTION or ROTATION?

Episode 319:   The stock market has fallen for three straight weeks.  There are mixed signals that this selloff could simply be a Rotation out of overbought Tech stocks and into Value and Cyclicals.

 On the other hand, with over 41% of the S&P 500 already in a Bear market, maybe the Correction has just begun.


Listener Questions- Oil, Penny Stocks, Reverse Splits, Protective Puts & more…

Episode 318:  Listener Questions:

  • Is it time to buy oil stocks?
  • Why don’t you talk about penny stocks?
  • What happens when a stock is delisted?
  • What is a reverse stock split?
  • Should I contribute to an IRA or a ROTH?
  • What is a good investment book to read?
  • When should you sell a stock?
  • What is a Protective Put?
  • Cash vs Cash Equivalent Fund vs Short Term Bond Fund
  • Terminology


National Debt: is the US bankrupt?

Episode 317:  The national debt is at astronomical levels, the deficit is larger than tax revenues, the Chinese are dumping Treasuries, the FED is creating trillions of dollars out of thin air…I’m not concerned.  The US can handle the current debt load.

In this episode, I discussed the realities and the myths of the national debt. 

My solution is to stop worrying about things outside of your influence and focus on building your personal wealth.  You do that by owning appreciating assets and not worry about the monetary unit of measure.